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Our wiki is open for everybody to improve. All you need to do is to register.

Please use "First name Last name" as your username when you register.

We use the wiki for:

  • documentation about our work, organisation, planning
  • instructions and configurations e.g. configuration of a mail server or client
  • a repository / archive for manuals etc.
  • a portal for hardware, see Material

Categories in this Wiki

Under this category we will list the hardware we've got in stock that has not been tested yet or is in some way problematic, mainly to be used for parts and repairs. At the same time we offer a platform that can be used to request computer parts you're looking for which we may not currently stock. You may also list things you're seeking to give away for free.
Information about hardware, possible problems, manuals etc.
For current dates, workshops see: offers workshops
and/or: the events box on the right of our website