Schulung-Teil7-Weitere Teile fuer Kivitendo

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This training session took place on 04-13-17. Our servers were transfered to another network and got static IP addresses. Part of the time of our training session was used for this, so we didn't get to finish the installation of Kivitendo. I hope we'll finish it in two weeks.

If there are still questions open after these instructions, please go to "Views" and then "Discussion" to leave your feedback, so I can add more Details to this page. jr

Further packages that Kivitendo requires

First, we update the list of available packages:

sudo apt update

So we don't have to type so much we used the documentation within the Kivitendo program. The list of the required packages can be found at the point As the command goes over two pages it's probably easier to copy it directly from this page:

sudo apt install apache2 libarchive-zip-perl libclone-perl libconfig-std-perl libdatetime-perl libdbd-pg-perl libdbi-perl libemail-address-perl  libemail-mime-perl libfcgi-perl libjson-perl \
liblist-moreutils-perl libnet-smtp-ssl-perl libnet-sslglue-perl libparams-validate-perl libpdf-api2-perl librose-db-object-perl librose-db-perl librose-object-perl libsort-naturally-perl \
libstring-shellquote-perl libtemplate-perl libtext-csv-xs-perl libtext-iconv-perl liburi-perl libxml-writer-perl libyaml-perl   libimage-info-perl libgd-gd2-perl libapache2-mod-fcgid \
libfile-copy-recursive-perl postgresql libalgorithm-checkdigits-perl libcrypt-pbkdf2-perl git

If you've already loaded Kivitendo from git, you can go to it's main folder and run the following script:

user1@vm1:/var/www/git/kivitendo-erp$ ./scripts/

Unfortunately this doesn't work when you go directly to the scripts subfolder. The script will give us a "NOT ok" at "HTML: Restrict" ein "NOT ok" as this part is still missing. We will load it later from cpan.
First, we load another package that we'll require later. It is necessary if you compile a program by yourself. We will have to do this at a later stage.

user1@vm1:/var/www/git/kivitendo-erp$ sudo apt install build-essential

As mentioned before, we're going to load something from cpan. There you find many things related to Perl.

user1@vm1:/var/www/git/kivitendo-erp$ sudo cpan HTML::Restrict
Would you like to configure as much as possible automatically? [yes] yes

If you run the script again, you can see everything in green now. Unfortunately our two hours are over that we'll continue in two weeks..

Exercise for next time

Kivitendo is just one example of the programs/projects that can be found on git. Other programs that we use here and are available on git are NextCloud or Openki. The Linux-Kernel is also being developed on git.
The exercise for next time is to load another program onto the virtual machine from git. To see what's available you best visit the web site To get the link to the .git file you best check the README file.